Our easiest and most convenient search with 0 obligation on your end.  One of our Account Managers will meet with you, understand the requirements and then engage our recruitment team.  The recruitment team will hunt for the perfect fit for your role.


  • No obligation and no cost until a succesful placement is achieved.
  • Qualified candidates are delivered fast and pre closed.
  • Passive Candidates sourced from our database and hunted from their current position.  
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Similar to contingent search with additional resources and specialized hunters included. Perfect if your current recruitment partners are delivering the same resumes you are getting in your applications.  


  • Candidates delivered with resource packages that include:  References, test scores, behavioural analysis and more.
  • Dedicated and trained hunters assinged to your role ensuring you receive the best candidates.
  • Access to our candidate database with over 50000 records of professionals in the Toronto area.
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Whether for a "one off" role, or an entire project, our dedicated team of recruiters specializing in the professional contractor world are ready to help you out.  With 20+ years of experience in placing contractors our network is vast, effective and capable.


  • Fastest delivery to ensure your projects are fully staffed on time.
  • Background check costs covered.
  • Discounted rates for service contracts.
  • Access to our professional contractor database of the best and most reliable contractors in Toronto.
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