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Meet Our Featured Candidate: Vick
Meet Our Featured Candidate: Vick

Every week we are speaking with many excellent candidates looking for a new opportunity. In our Featured Candidate section we speak with those candidates and highlight some of the great work they have recently done.


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Hi there, please introduce yourself, tell us who you are, what your profession is and feel free to add anything cool about you that we should know.

Hi my name is Vick, I am a Senior iOS Developer with 9 years experience in Native iOS development. I am currently based in the SF Ba Area but I’m moving to Canada in the month of June.

What was your most recent role and how did it contribute to the success of the company you worked for?

Recent role - Lead iOS Developer

Contribution - I worked as the sole iOS developer on the Mobile team and handled the entire iOS Tech stack. My contributions were not only in code but in all other App management tasks including CI/CD, App roll out to the App store, App distribution on internal and Testflight channels, Performance and App Analytics monitoring in Production Environment. While working with my current company, I also rewrote the App Architecture layer switching Design patterns to MVVM and VIPER. Included extensive XCTest Unit testing coverage around ViewModel layers in different modules of the App.

Was there any aspect of the project or work that you were involved with that you are especially proud of?

I am proud to handle the entire iOS product stack for the Company. As mentioned earlier, my work was not limited only to code in the App but also take care of other responsibilities around the App management.

Have you had a chance to work with any cool technologies (languages, platforms, cloud softwares) in the last couple years?

I have worked with Swift and Objective C for Native iOS development. Other tools that I use for the Development environment -

  1. Agile WorkSpace - Jira, XRay, Confluence.
  2. CI-CD - GitHub, Travis, Jenkins, SVN
  3. App Analytics - Amplitude, Braze, Google Analytics
  4. App Performance monitoring - Instruments
  5. Unit testing - XCTest, TDD, Kobiton - Regression testing
  6. App Distribution - Firebase, Fabric, Testflight
  7.  App Release - Apple Developer portal - Handle Certificates, Provisioning profiles, Internal App store team portals.

Is there a particular soft skill that you take pride in?

I am quite good at Team bonding. I especially like to have one-on-one with my team members and like to create a comfort trust level between my team members.

Whether interviewing or hiring is there anything you’ve seen / been part of, in the Toronto market that you would  call innovative?

Nothing so far. My exposure to the Toronto Market has been somewhat limited. So far I’m finding it far less dynamic as compared to SF Bay Area Job Market.

What are you looking for in your next employment challenge?

With COVID environment, Landing into a good job is quite challenging. I am looking to join established companies that ensure some sense of stability in the current crisis situation.

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