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Meet Our Featured Candidate: Omar
Meet Our Featured Candidate: Omar

Due to the pandemic pause, we are speaking with many more excellent candidates looking for a new or additional work than normal. In this feature we speak with those candidates and highlight some of the great work they have recently done.

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Hi there, please introduce yourself, tell us who you are, what your profession is and feel free to add anything cool about you that we should know.

Hi, my name is Omar, and I have extensive and varied work experience in marketing, with a specific focus on digital marketing and communications including advertising, and the development of online creative. In developing a wide range of successful campaigns, I have proven the ability to manage large scale projects, working with cross-functional teams, and being able to consistently deliver within time and budget constraints.

On a personal note, I’ve recently caught the travel bug and have been fortunate enough to see a few of the ancient wonders of the world visiting Petra, the Colosseum and the Pyramids. The goal is to one day continue on my travel adventures and see the remaining wonders of the world.


What was your most recent role and how did it contribute to the success of the company you worked for?

My most recent role has been with FedEx as an Ecommerce Programs Consultant. In my role I developed, executed and managed ecommerce marketing programs to grow the customer base, and creating value for retailers by collaboratively working to enhance the delivery experience. I also researched market conditions, customer insights and the overall competitive landscape to make informed recommendations for new ecommerce opportunities.


Was there any aspect of the project or work that you were involved with that you are especially proud of?

In my time at FedEx I was able to initiate a project where we would place an emphasis on sustainable packaging. With so much cardboard packaging being used to ship goods daily by almost every company to their customers, the goal was to come up with a more eco-friendly solution where we would be able to deliver the same renowned service but also being able to provide it more efficiently. At the end of the project, a solution was selected to trial as a soft roll out. It was rewarding to not only come up with a solution which was more cost effective, but also more beneficial to sustainable efforts.


Have you had a chance to work with any cool technologies (languages, platforms, cloud softwares) in the last couple years?

Having worked at a few large corporations during my career, I’ve been fortunate to have used a few different software, but the most enjoyable and productive ones have been SalesForce and Salsify.


Is there a particular soft skill that you take pride in?

It’s become evident over the course of my career that I’ve been very effective with my time management skills and been able to juggle and deliver large time sensitive projects as well as being able to complete smaller day to day tasks. I also take pride in being very organized and that enables me to focus on meeting my priorities for the days and weeks ahead.


What are you looking for in your next employment challenge?

At this point of my career, I’m looking for a new challenging opportunity; one which enables me to showcase my skills and experience for the betterment of an organization. I’m also ideally looking for a longer term opportunity, one where I can help grow the organization and with it grow my own skillset.

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