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Meet Our Featured Candidate: Mohammad
Meet Our Featured Candidate: Mohammad

Due to the pandemic pause, we are speaking with many more excellent candidates looking for a new or additional work than normal. In this feature we speak with those candidates and highlight some of the great work they have recently done.

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Hi there, please introduce yourself, tell us who you are, what your profession is and feel free to add anything cool about you that we should know.

Hi, my name is Mohammad, just to share something on a personal note, I received a full scholarship to play professional basketball at Michigan University right out of high school but did not pursue that as it was cut short due to me having a serious career ending injury. I decided to get my degree in Business Administration and started to work in the corporate industry as a consultant.   I have 10 years experience in IT, have worked with many different sectors from Government, Health Care, Banks, Municipalities and sales and marketing companies. During my time as a consultant I’ve worn multiple hats and had different roles including business analyst, project manager, product manager and development manager. I’ve worked on many different projects from, system implementation, reviewing and creating corporate work policies, strategy roadmaps and product development.

What was your most recent role and how did it contribute to the success of the company you worked for?

In my recent role at AutoCapital Canada I was brought on as a consultant for a 1-year contract and was offered a permanent role after 3 months. It was a smaller company with 250 employees and was still in its growing stages. My main responsibilities were to build out a development team to in house all the development work and to implement Agile methodology. I hired a team of 5 incumbents from full stack developers and a QA. Wrote a business plan to implement the Agile methodology internally and won company wide consensus. During that time AutoCapital Canada was building a different department ConsumerCapital Canada which was to build an online web portal where users could come in and create online application request for loans. I was working in conjunction with the business stakeholders to create this portal and gather the requirements and share with the development team. I also played a role in vendor management relationship and partnering up with different companies to integrate with for our web portal. The web portal was a success and in our first year we made over 3.5x growth in revenue.

Was there any aspect of the project or work that you were involved with that you are especially proud of?

Doing market analysis and partnering up with different vendors to eliminate manual processes allowing for more applications to be funded. Working with different senior executives, doing a demo of the product and working with sales and marketing team to enhance the product.

Have you had a chance to work with any cool technologies (languages, platforms, cloud softwares) in the last couple years?

Through out my career and different companies you always work with different technologies but a few of my recent ones that I have worked with and enjoy were Jira, Confluence, bit bucket, slack, salesforce and Inovatec.

Is there a particular soft skill that you take pride in?

I pride myself on my excellent time management skills and ability to communicate effectively. Working as a consultant, I had to be able to effectively make use of my time in order to meet deadlines. It is imperative that you communicate very efficiently because working on multiple projects and speaking with different incumbents, communication skills must be there.

What are you looking for in your next employment challenge?

At this point in my career I am looking for a new and challenging opportunity where I can come and contribute and showcase my skills and work with a dynamic team and grow with company’s success. I’m at a point where I am looking for something very long term and perhaps retire from one day.

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