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Meet Our Featured Candidate: Arnav
Meet Our Featured Candidate: Arnav

Every week we are speaking with many excellent candidates looking for a new opportunity. In our Featured Candidate section we speak with those candidates and highlight some of the great work they have recently done.


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Hi there, please introduce yourself, tell us who you are, what your profession is and feel free to add anything cool about you that we should know.

Hi; I am an Embedded Software Engineer by profession, and a side-hustler musician. However, I originally started my career in academic research in 2013 and have contributed a few publications since then.

I currently work as an embedded software engineer in the automotive industry, where our cylinder de-activation technology (Dynamic Skip Fire) provides improved fuel efficiency to ICE vehicles.

I have worked in Signal Processing and Communication Systems through my career in academic research. My contributions can be found at Combining my interest in music and engineering, some of the research work is in digital audio effects and electric guitars.

As a musician, me and my band has learnt a lot of lessons in teamwork, empathy, and leadership. My challenge (apart from staying in time with rest of the band) has been managing everyone else’s schedules and scoring exciting gigs for us at different venues. Check out our facebook page:


What was your most recent role and how did it contribute to the success of the company you worked for?

I am currently working as an embedded software engineer where I have developed and tested software packages on automotive micro-controllers before shipping it to the customers. I also initiated and worked on a project to demonstrate our technology to our potential customers. This further inspired me to develop an IoT device which could provide diagnostic data from vehicles over cloud using a cellular modem. Some of the work from which this project is derived can be found on my Github:


Was there any aspect of the project or work that you were involved with that you are especially proud of?

In quite a few of my projects, I have had to work together with tech-support team from software/hardware vendors to accomplish an objective. I have learnt a lot from them both technically and professionally, and I am proud of having this experience where I can work with various teams across different disciplines to get some critical work done.

While working on the IoT project, there were a lot of design decisions I had to take to get to the prototype stage. I wrote the driver code for a cellular modem. While using the libraries provided by eclipse for MQTT communication, I also had to write the port/platform interface code for STM32 microcontroller. A lot of debugging in developing this software was done through timing analysis and required oscilloscope for analysis for certain issues. This is one of the most intensive exercise I have been through.

Have you had a chance to work with any cool technologies (languages, platforms, cloud software) in the last couple years?

I came across a few cool technologies while working on the IoT project.

  • To provide cheap cellular connection for IoT devices, standards such as NB-IoT and LTE-Cat-M provide good data rate at a low bandwidth for lower cost.
  • For prototyping Particle has released boards which support mesh connection between devices with nodes that can wirelessly (Cellular/Wifi) connect to the cloud.
  • Towards simple projects, Mosquitto MQTT Bridge is a good framework to run on a server. AWS-IoT core require certificates which makes the software development in lower-level language a bit tricky for an IoT device.
  • DIGI provides a good line of wireless modems (Cellular, Wifi) with great support to develop software for wireless connectivity from a host device.


Is there a particular soft skill that you take pride in?

I think it would be envisioning something cool down the road and then taking the required steps towards it. I am quite good at finding like-minded people to share my ambitions with and making sure that the morale is high in the team, and the dream’s still alive. Very often, it involves me being in a ‘jack of all trades’ situation, which I enjoy and get to learn a lot from.

I have demonstrated this skill quite a few times whether it be initiating a project at school and work; or starting-up with my band.  

When interviewing for current roles, is there anything you’ve seen/been part of in the Toronto market that you would consider innovative?

I came across three companies which I believe are doing something cool:

  1. Ecobee: Builds home products, focussing on conserving energy.
  2. Kepler Communications: With a vision of developing an internet for the Space, they are launching developing and launching satellites.
  3. Magic Leap: It is pretty big into applications of augmented reality, and they are developing their own VR headsets.
  4. North: Developing smart glasses.  

What are you looking for in your next employment challenge?

The experience to develop an embedded systems product with industry standards and take it from its R&D stages to prototype/product, and then to the market.

Have you written a meaningful or relevant dissertation or paper during your university studies which is shareable?

I have published five papers during my work in Academia and my current Industry (The most recent one, which I presented at WCX SAE 2019). Apart from that I have written a few interesting posters and white papers. You can find my work at

List of Publications and Posters:

Instrumentation and Processor in Loop Verification for Dynamic Skip Fire Technology, WCX SAE, April 2019 – Arnav Mohan, Karthik Deepak Natraj, Joe Serrano

Performance of a Relay Antenna Selection Based Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Protocol with Opportunistic Selection of Users, Wireless Personal Communications, April 2017 – Arnav Mohan, S. Prakriya

Spectrum consumption model builder and analysis tool: a software tool to enhance spectrum sharing, Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing, February 2017 – Carlos Caicedo, Arnav Mohan

Designing Analog and Digital Effects for Guitar, 139th International AES Convention New York – Samuel Ayinde Bailey, Vishnu Vardhan Dhanabalan, Arnav Mohan

Spectrum Consumption Model Builder: A Software Tool to Enhance Spectrum Sharing, Wireless Innovation Forum Conference on Wireless Communication, March 2016 – Carlos Caicedo, Arnav Mohan

Performance of dynamic spectrum access with opportunistic selection mechanisms, 7th ICSPCS, November 2013 – Arnav Mohan, S. Prakriya

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