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Insiya Meherally

Before getting started on our latest article in the series please make sure to go back and read:

Before getting started on the team composition article please make sure to go back and read the first article: Shifting the Performance Curve Introduction and second article; Shifting the Performance Curve Selection Techniques.


You can find our Behavioural Interview Questions sample package here:




Today we continue the conversation on the Planet4iT method on shifting the performance curve.  

If you missed the first article in the series it can be found here.


Over the coming weeks we are going to be releasing a five part article series detailing some of the proprietary metrics we use to help our clients hire the best talent for their teams. I encourage those interested to follow our Linkedin page to ensure you do not miss any of the future installments. If you would prefer the entire five part series can be downloaded right now on our Performance Metrics page. Shifting performance works hand in hand with Behavioural Interview assessments, you can learn more about that here. Lastly, if you are interested in scheduling a consult you can do so here. Without further ado, please enjoy.